Who We Are

We are a digital marketing agency focusing on SEO growth for organic digital marketing.

Geaux IT Systems was established in April of 2016 in Baton Rouge, LA. Since then, we have grown to national and global levels. We have successfully helped and continue to help grow the reputations of customers from all over the United States and Canada through search engine optimization, analytic reporting, and innovative software developments to give customers the best digital marketing strategy possible.

Modern Website Designs

Quality website designs built to last in both performance and style, while also promoting customer traffic growth.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO services using a combination of organic content building, technical SEO structure, and optimized website performance.

Detailed Reporting

Thorough SEO and industry market reports to keep you informed on your digital market strategy, goals, and organic growth progress.

What Makes Us Different?

Geaux IT Systems is an innovative SEO company that uses advancing software developments to constantly grow and improve our clients' reputations. While constantly growing and improving, we also focus an importance on ensuring close-knit communication and readily available customer service. You always know where your growth is and what our goals for you are!

All SEO Keypoints

Google tracks so many parts of your website for your online reputation so why ignore them? We focus on all the pieces of the SEO puzzle. Get SEO done the right way with all parts of SEO incorporated into our plan options.

Always Stay Informed

SEO is a market where all to often the customer never knows what's being done to grow their business. With Geaux IT, you are always in the know about your growth progress and marketing goals.

At Geaux IT Systems, we offer everything your business needs to grow your online Google reputation, boost organic traffic, and grow your customer reach online. We offer the services that get you seen by your customers when they are actively searching for your services and target market trends when your customers are at a peak ready-to-buy mindset. We back all market strategies by consistently updated industry market analytics to ensure your strategy never falls behind the competition.

Geaux IT Systems offers services in:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design
  • SEO Reporting
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is an important part of organic digital marketing and website quality. SEO gives your site the structure, usability, and content optimizations needed to help build trust with Google and site visitors. Building this kind of trust allows Google to rank your site higher and helps customers find your website more easily. This is vital in increasing website traffic organically.

    We build our websites with SEO standards promoting quality speed, performance, and usability on all devices. We also work with you every step of the way to ensure the design you get is the design you love. We even optimize your content included in your build so you can start growing your SEO reputation the right way.