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99% of websites never get found on Google. But, 100% of Geaux IT's websites are. Start growing your Google reputation and increasing your quality customer traffic. Are you ready to become part of our 100%?

SEO Done Right

Google tracks so many parts of your website for your online reputation so why ignore them? We focus on all the pieces of the SEO puzzle. Get SEO done the right way with all parts of SEO incorporated into our plan options.

Proof in Numbers

SEO is a market where all to often the customer never knows what's being done to grow their business. With Geaux IT, you are always in the know about your growth progress and marketing goals.

Websites Built to Impress

Built for Online Growth

What good is a website that customers can't find? We offer website builds that include a quality SEO base designed to promote traffic to your new website!

High-Performing, Modern Designs You'll Love

Whether you want a WordPress or HTML website, we work with your needs and wants to provide the best looking and highest performing website possible.

Social Integration

Ready to get social on your marketing strategy? We include social media page creations and linking for our website builds. Get Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more set up and ready to go included in your new website. Let's get social!

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to take your business to the future of online marketing?

Let us start growing your online traffic and website reputation results now!

Meet Our Dream Team

Market Analysis Department

the "Numbers Nerds" who track, project, and monitor growth trends

SEO Web Department

the "Growth Gurus" who build your digital strategies and SEO content and technical web structures

Software Development Department

the "Coding Ninjas" who drive innovative tools to take your market growth to an entirely new level

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