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Increase website traffic and online Reputation

SEO & Organic Traffic

Put your website in front of the customers looking for businesses like you. Start marketing your company in way that maximizes your full growth potential.

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REvolutionary analytic data tracking Services

Report Subscriptions

Get detailed report analysis breakdowns on your website's growth progress, top ranking competitors, keyword reports and more delivered to your inbox on your schedule.

Search Engine Optimization Integrated With Software Development

When search engine optimization meets software developing advancements, you get the most innovative online marketing strategy in the industry. Welcome to innovation with Geaux IT!


Our internal software is always getting better. We keep improving so you can keep growing.


Our team works directly with you to create the best marketing digital marketing strategy for your needs.


Your SEO strategy is always backed by ongoing industry research. The market is always changing. Does your SEO company keep up?


Do you know what is going on with your SEO strategy? We always keep you informed!


Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, or Daily reports delivered right to your inbox. Always know where you stand against your competition.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategies designed to always keep you ahead of the competition with unique content, SEO, and marketing advising.


Looking to increase your organic website traffic? Let us help you grow your online reputation search engine optimization.


Digital Marketing and Advertising, AdWords Planning, Social Media marketing strategy. Yes, we cover it all!

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Taking on the market like never before, Geaux IT combines knowledgeable and trained specialists, quality SEO services, and innovative software development to give you the best customer service, the best online marketing strategy, and the best results possible.


SEO is the answer! SEO, search engine optimization, is a combination of factors such as the organization of your content, proper use of keywords (terms that relate to your business), and social media. These kind of changes on your website help Google find and recommend your site more easily so your customers can find you. SEO is the key to increasing your website traffic organically. Geaux IT is ready to start increasing your website traffic today!

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SEO Agencies

We work with you! Are you ready to start making the most out of the SEO work you do for your clients? Our website analytic reports make a great addition to any agencies SEO tools.

Our software maximizes the research that goes into building your customers' SEO strategies. We deliver reports straight to you on your clients' global rankings, competitor rankings, top keywords, and top competition lists for each keyword.

Get monitored reports and track your client progress as often as you need, delivered right to your inbox. Get started with an agency reporting subscription today!

Are you ready for out of this world SEO that can take your business to the stars?

Welcome to Geaux IT!

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