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Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

Grow your organic Google ranking and start reaching the right customers when they are already searching for what you offer. Take the market to your customers when they are actively looking for your services and most likely to buy.

Digital Marketing

Are you covering all areas of the digital market? Don't worry, we do! From SEO, organic traffic building, organic social media, AdWords, Social Paid Ads, and other forms of paid-per-click (PPC) campaigns, we cover everything you need to create and improve your digital marketing strategy in any industry.

Analytic Reports

Always know what is being done to grow your website's traffic. Get easy to understand, summarized progress analytic reports each month covering what steps were taken to grow your ranking, how your traffic and goal metrics have changed, how the industry compares to these changes, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the recently most popular ways to do business, especially with medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. We offer organic and paid social (PPC) campaign marketing and management strategies designed to target and engage your ideal customers.

Website Design

Websites are an investment and a digital face for your business. How it looks, performs, and functions are all important factors that keep customers engaged. Don't settle for cheap, slow builders that can break and require a new website each year. Make the most of your website investment with a high-quality, high-performance website designed to last for years to come.

Website Hosting

Unlike cheaper providers like GoDaddy and BlueHost, all of Geaux IT's websites are hosted for performance no matter where you are in the world.

Market Research

We provide consistently updated research on marketing trends for your industry and continually update our strategy for you to ensure you are always ahead of your industry's growth.

Software Development

Get innovative, modern analytic reports and services designed for an all new level of market industry research to back your strategy. Have access to unheard of data metrics only available to Geaux IT clients, previously only available to big data clients.

Unbeatable Customer Support

Work with a friendly, dedicated team of customer support who strives to help ensure you understand and make the most of your digital marketing services every step of the way.

Are you ready for a website that can
actually grow your business too?

Marketing and business strategies have been consistently trending towards the digital world. The majority of shoppers make their purchasing decisions based on what they find online. With that being said, if your customers can't find you then you aren't an option for them to consider. Monthly SEO and marketing services consistently push to drive customers to you and places your business front and center in the eyes of ready-to-buy customers!

Analytic reports are monthly tracking reports we offer to our clients to track and monitor growth on your digital marketing strategy, SEO trends, keyword industry research, top ranking competition, and more. Our reports not only let you see for yourself the progress you made, but ensures you that the market strategy we are using to grow your business rank never goes out of date with old data. Lastly, we've heard it time and again. All too often, our customers come to us not trusting SEO because they don't see results and don't know what is being done to get their traffic. We include everything we do to build up your reputation so you always know the state of your SEO strategy and the goals you are reaching on your traffic progress. Let us show you what your digital marketing strategy has been missing!

While both organic and paid traffic methods are important to digital marketing strategies independently, together they make a powerhouse for market growth!
Organic traffic focuses on the natural flow of online reputation and trust building both with Google and your customers. It focuses on the user-friendliness of your website and reliability of your content. Organic traffic building works with your content and website design to ensure that your website comes up reliably for the services you offer and your customers can find you when they are looking for your industry. Building up your website organically focuses on the long-term traffic growth goals.
Paid traffic focuses on immediate ad listings, such as promoting a sale or special on your service. It's perfect for that extra push of traffic to boost sales for your business. However, this is only a short-term solution. Once you stop paying for ads, there's no continued reputation to keep Google recommending you to customers.
Fun Fact: Your competitors are likely using paid ads as well. When multiple business are bidding for the same ad spot with the same bid cost, what decides the winner? Google choose the more reliably ranked website to break the tie!