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Building a Proper Website in WordPress

Building a Proper Website in WordPress

With internet and technology being an essential part of the modern world, websites have become very important to every business. They play a vital role in online marketing and customer growth.

But, what steps need to be taken to create a business’s website and make it successful online? The steps can vary depending on the tools, programs, and methods a designer chooses. There are options such as html coding or jQuery that each have their own steps, but for the purpose of this essay I will focus on the steps for building a website in WordPress.

WordPress is a powerful tool that allows designers to build without necessarily needing the knowledge of html coding. The steps for creating a website with WordPress are to build the design, apply functional features, and implement search engine optimization.

Building the Design

First, to build a successful website you must put together a quality design. For this, you must first choose a template design. This will be the base layout for the website. Once this is chosen, you must then make your customized adjustments. This includes fonts, text colors, border colors, background images and placements, and layout pixel sizes. After customizing, you will then begin creating and adding existing content. This includes adding photos and descriptive text information about your business to the page.

Applying Functional Features

Next, you must then make the site functional to any important features. With WordPress much of this is done through tools called plugins. For example, many websites have a featured section displayed right on the site that allows customers to type up and send a message directly to the business just by filling out their name, email address, and message.

If you want to offer this contact option to your customers on your website, you will want to add a plugin that allows for this. You would install the plugin and then configure the settings for what information would need to be filled out as well as to where the message needs to be forwarded.  Once the settings are configured, there is typically a line of coding called a short code, that will need to be placed where you want the feature to be applied on the website. This process is similar for most display feature plugins.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization

Finally, you need to focus on search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is the part of creating a website that helps customers find a website in their Google searches.

This involves establishing keywords that customers will search to find your website, implementing performance standards that ensure your site is fast and runs smoothly, creating and managing linked social media accounts, and establishing quality back links to your site. This step takes several months to establish and must be consistently up kept on a regular basis.

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Putting It All Together

Creating a website is a very thorough process. Going through the steps of building the design, adding functions, and search engine optimizing the website can take a lot of time. But each step has an important purpose.

The design makes the site appealing to your customers. It also reinforces the brand image of your business with the use of colors and styles.

The functions, like the example of a message feature on the website are meant to encourage visitors to interact with your site. This prompts them to contact you immediately rather than putting off and potentially forgetting their interest in doing business with you.

The search engine optimization step helps users find you instead of your competition when looking for your services.

Combined, these steps work together to make your website successful.

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