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The Future Of Tech Support For Computers

Tech Support is changing in more than one way. But what does the future bring?

Computer tech repair is a standard practice today performed by many different types of professionals. Some people may rely on the computer geek of the family while others value certified professionals who can keep their computers secure and strong. Computer repair has become a utility for some as having a computer running is about as important as having your car running. You use it to pay bills, invest, make online purchases or just check on things in general. So what is changing?

Remote Support isn’t anything new but it also isn’t exactly standard just yet.

If you still are the type of person who has to pack up the computer and bring it to a repair shop, you are in trouble. Because companies today are eliminating that need. Issues today seem to be tied more to issues with software, updates and other maintenance. If a machine is able to connect to the internet, then why take it 30 minutes into traffic to have someone fix it? Instead, the problems can be handled in the comfort of your own home.

Quicker Repairs

When you drop off a car for repair, how long does it feel like it takes? Your computer repairs shouldn’t take that long. In fact, most repairs only take about 15 minutes once being connected via remote connection. Plus if you can’t make the issue appear in front of the technician, then you will be out of luck. Imagine being in the middle of an online game and having your machine crash. Would you rather take the computer to the geek squad or have your computer looked at instantly by your IT company?

What about the security ?

With remote repairs, you do not have to worry about your computer being stolen. In fact, you can even watch the tech work on your machine right in front of you. You can ask questions while they are on the phone and learn as much as you want. Plus, remote connection soft-wares use high end security mixed with encryption and SSL certificates. As long as you trust your IT company, you will not have to worry about issues with your tech.

Tech Support going forward

With the many benefits and even limiting down to just efficiency and better support (having the ability to see the issue in action with you right in the middle) remote support is clearly the way to go. Plus rates are going to be better if the company doesn’t have to send someone out.

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