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Why Would Anyone Want to Purchase an SEO Contract?

 Who Would Want to Purchase an SEO Contract?

The other weekend, we were meeting up with a few different business ventures. Many of them had their own outlooks on marketing. One of them said that SEO is a great product but it is so difficult for anyone to want to buy it. Hearing this just put me in a confused and dazed feeling. An SEO contract isn’t a product like a car or a TV that people purchase because they want to. SEO is a product that is used and is, in fact, necessary to grow a business reputation to its full potential and allow them to bloom online to connect with more and more clients. If a company lacks an online reputation, they end up losing out on so many potential business opportunities.  


SEO in a nutshell is the difference between a future client from finding your site on google and finding your competition. If you want to purchase new enclosed trailer, are you going to look at page 8 on google ? Of course not! Time is money and you do not have time to go through and investigate each potential vendor yourself. Well if you aren’t going to spend the time to hire a company on page 8, why would your customers? Word of mouth is great but why rely on just local reputation when you could open up your business nation or even world wide.  


If you have a local store, would you settle for selling to only people who can come to your store? Or would you want an opportunity to have your products viewed across by millions of people. A physical store does take a lot more resources, money and just over all, headache. You also are limited to people in your area pricing your products and not those around the world. You may sell an old copy of a video game that is very common in your town but rare in 3 states west of you. You could sell it locally for $12.00 dollars or you could sell it online for $125.00. How would you know if you never grew your business reputation online.  

 The Art of SEO Blogging

Same goes with art! Art is very challenging to do if you can only sell locally but someone in another country could find your painting and paying you figures beyond what your friends think about your work. Of course the same goes with a blog! Just because you do not sell your products online doesn’t mean that you do not need to market your website online. You should always be improving your SEO score. The higher your score, the higher the potential of growing your business.  

 SEO: Leave it to the Pros!

Of course SEO isn’t an easy task and shouldn’t be advertised by everyone. This is where an choosing the right SEO contract becomes very important. There are many companies who are great at what they do but forcing SEO when they do not have the credentials is a waste of time for both you and them. They also may specialize in SEO in one industry but not yours. This leaves you paying for a service that just doesn’t provide results.

SEO does take about 6 months to get results. This requires a lot of work with consistent content posting, site maintenance and upkeep, reporting, and market analyzing. Any company that tells you they can get you ranked quicker is either inaccurate, or takes shortcuts that will hurt your reputation in the long run. Likewise, this is why you’ll want to be patient if it feels like you aren’t getting the results you want fast enough. Building a quality reputation takes time. Just like locally, you must build up credibility and a reputation where Google trusts to send over leads and possible clients to your website. Would you recommend people to a store that you have never been too? Or a store that is falling apart, damaged and barely has any products inside? Google will treat you the same way and you have to realize that before Google can tell people about you, they will have to learn details about you just like people do.  

That should not discourage you from growing your reputation but make you want to grow your reputation even higher since majority of your competition will not take the time to compete against you. They feel that it may be too much of a waste and just not offer a strong enough return.  

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