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Our website analytic reports are everything you've been looking for your clients and more. Impress your customers with thorough detailed reports on their growth rank progress, competition analysis, keywords reporting, and more, delivered right to you on schedule as often as you'd like.

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We cover all parts of search engine optimization that it takes to make you successful. From research and analysis, to keywords, to social media, we have you covered!

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Website Analytic Reporting
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Get subscription reports on each of your customers and up to 50 of their competitors delivered right to your inbox quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily. All the research you need to track progress, compare competitors, and build the perfect digital marketing strategies ready as often as you want.

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How do you know if your SEO digital marketing strategy is working? At Geaux IT, we always tell you!

Every client gets weekly followup reports of what was completed to improve their online reputation, what research was done to lead to these changes, how we plan to keep moving forward, and website analytic reports on how much you've grown with us!

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