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Google AdWords Versus Search Engine Optimization

Google AdWords Versus Search Engine Optimization

When promoting a business online, the method you use can be an important decision. Two of the most well-known tactics in online marketing are search engine optimization and Google AdWords. Both can be very beneficial to the growth of your business and improve your customer traffic. So what is the difference between the two?

Organic Versus Paid Traffic

To establish the difference between AdWords and Search Engine Optimization, we first have to answer the question, “What is the difference between paid and organic traffic?”

Google Adwords – Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is traffic that comes to your site through a link listing you pay for, typically paid on a pay per click basis. AdWords functions with paid traffic growth. You set the maximum bid amount you want to pay per click and the total budget for the month. Your paid ad can then by displayed in different areas of the web including the top of Google searches or as ads on YouTube videos for example, depending on how you set it up. Each time someone clicks on your paid ad, it is paid for within your set advertising budget.

Search Engine Optimization – Organic Traffic

On the other hand, you have organic traffic. This is traffic you don’t pay for. These customers find you in standard daily searches online. Search engine optimization increases your organic web traffic. This works by optimizing your website’s performance, functionality, keywords, and social media. When you optimize on these standards, Google uses the same standards to rank your website. This is how Google decides who will appear on the first page of a Google search versus the second page.

Which One Should You Choose? Why Not Both?

Google AdWords is a great tool. You can set your advertising budget, reach more people, and start growing instantly. In contrast, Search engine optimization is not paid advertising but it does take more time. Even if you choose to hire a professional, it can still take several months for Google to update your ranks. This is because Google has millions of sites to rank daily. That takes time, even for Google. If you are just looking for quick growth, AdWords is great for that. However, if you are looking for long-term consistent growth that doesn’t limit you on what you can afford to advertise, search engine optimization is a limitless solution.

The best part is you can use both to maximize your growth potential. Combined, AdWords and search engine optimization can work together to help you far surpass your competitors. Not to mention, Google works as a recommendation tool and AdWords is no different. Keep in mind many of your competitors are also using AdWords just like you, so Google has to still rank the sites to determine which website’s paid ad gets the higher spot. A number of factors affect this ranking system known as your Google Quality Score. This includes the highest pay per click bid, as well as the quality of the ad, click-through rates, historical performance, keyword relevancy, ad relevancy, and, yes, even the quality of the landing page, i.e. your website page listed on the ad. This likewise, is a factor in the SEO ranking system for websites as it makes it very important to ensure your website is fast, functional, and easy to use for your customers. Plus, if customers like using your site, they will likely come back to the site again. You can’t go wrong with using SEO and it can only benefit you if you opt to use both tools.

So, Why Is It So Important?

We have established that Google AdWords and search engine optimization are great tools alone and have a phenomenal impact on your business when working together.  But, do you really need it? Does it really make that much of a difference?

Well, if you’ve ever done a Google search, you probably never went past the first page. Most searchers don’t. So, from a business point of view, even just being on the second page of Google can be detrimental to your web traffic potential.  Even if you have better prices, better reviews, better service, are located 10 minutes closer to your customer; your customer will never know that because they saw your competition’s listing on Google first and called them instead. Both Google AdWords and search engine optimization help move you up to the front of Google making it more likely that your customers will see you before a competitor.

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