FAQs at Geaux IT

How Do I Contact Geaux IT?
A team member can be reached via phone at (225) 435-4237 or via email at helpdesk@geauxitsystems.com.

What Are Geaux IT's Hours?
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

What Makes Geaux IT Different?
We specialize in search engine optimization and digital marketing services. Unlike other SEO agencies, we use advanced software and programming development to maximize our clients' reputation growth and success potential. We routinely track and monitor both our customers and their competition to continuously stay ahead of the changing keyword and SEO standards.

What Services Do You Offer?
Geaux IT Systems offers services in:
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing
Website Design
SEO Reporting
Social Media

Service FAQs

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing

What Is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is an important part of organic digital marketing and website quality. SEO gives your site the structure, usability, and content optimizations needed to help build trust with Google and site visitors. Building this kind of trust allows Google to rank your site higher and helps customers find your website more easily. This is vital in increasing website traffic organically.

What Is Organic Traffic And Why Is It Important?
When someone searches for a service or product and find a website without the use of a paid advertisement listing (like AdWords), this is considered organic traffic. Increasing organic traffic is important to grow any online business or website. This is done through search engine optimization.

Why Do I Need To Rank Higher On Google?
Most customers will not go past the first page of Google when searching for a product or service. Any website on the second page of Google or lower risks paying to have and maintain a website that customers will not be able to find. Having a higher ranking on Google gets your website placed higher in relevant search results and increases customer traffic on your website.

Why Should I Worry About SEO When I Can Pay For AdWords?
While AdWords is a useful online advertising tool for many businesses, it should not be your only solution. Among others, the biggest reason for this is that you will no be the only company using AdWords to boost your ads. Many companies in your industry will likely use AdWords with the same keyword focus as you. Google has to prioritize their Ads when multiple companies are competing on AdWords. To do this, Google falls back on factors like which company is willing to pay more per click and which company has a better performing website. To ensure that fake websites can't pay to get to the top of Google, Google also falls back to using SEO standards to further prioritize paid AdWord competitors. This means if you want to AdWords for your business, it is still important to have a quality search engine optimized website to make the most out of your paid advertising efforts.

Website SEO Reporting

Why Are SEO Reports Important?
SEO requires a lot of consistent research. Keywords and competition rankings can change daily. Monitoring changes and progress of your SEO shows you what's working, what needs to be changed in your strategy, what search trends are effecting your plan, and other important details that keep you on top of your digital marketing strategy.

What Are Analytic Subscriptions?
Our analytic subscription service delivers up-to-date, consistent reports on your SEO, keywords, competition, and rankings, cutting out hours of research time and giving you thorough pinpoints of how to effectively maximize your SEO strategy.

How Often Can I Get Reports Delivered?
Our reporting subscriptions offer options for reports delivered to you quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily.

Social Media

Why Do I Need Social Media For My Business?
Social Media Platforms have been steadily increasing in popularity for business marketing purposes. So much so, that Google implemented social media as a criteria standard to determine a website's credibility for SEO rankings. Mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more have proven successful for business advertisements, promoting sales/specials, and even displaying product stores.
What Social Media Services Do You Offer?
We offer a range of social media services customized to fit your unique needs.
Social Media Advising - This is a great solution if you are wanting to manage your own posts but need guidance. We monitor your social media pages and provide advising on how to improve your social media strategy.
Social Post Managing - With this option, we will create and post social media posts for you on a weekly basis. Additionally, we will ensure you always have posts created for holidays to improve your community involvement for your brand. Have specials you want to promote? We will create custom ads for you as well!
Social Media Management - This option offers full management of your social accounts. Posts will be created and posted weekly, including holidays and specials. Additionally, a trained professional will monitor and respond to your likes, comments, etc. Having a higher amount of involvement provides a better reputation for your to your customers.
Social Analytics - We will monitor and track your social media progress as well as your competition social media pages. From this, we create a social media marketing plan unique to your needs.

Website Design

Why Should I Hire A Website Designer?
While there are so many tools out there like website builders and easy instant websites, easy isn't always better. Builders can slow your site down and hurt performance. Many of them also neglect search engine optimization and mobile responsiveness (how your site performs on mobile devices). A trained, quality website designer can rebuild your site at the source to ensure your website runs smoothly for your needs and for your customers.

What Is Mobile Optimization?
Mobile Optimization is part of a website build that ensures your website is easy to use on mobile devices like phones and tablets. With more than half of all website traffic views coming from a mobile device (52.2% as of 2018), it is important to make sure your website can perform properly for your customers no matter what device they are using.

Why Should I Choose A Geaux IT Designer?
We build our websites with SEO standards promoting quality speed, performance, and usability on all devices. We also work with you every step of the way to ensure the design you get is the design you love. We even optimize your content included in your build so you can start growing your SEO reputation the right way.