What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of steps and guidelines to follow to get your website more recognized by Google. They allows your customers to find you as an option when they search Google for a service you offer. SEO includes factors such as website performance, usability, site speeds, keyword optimization, meta optimization, backlinks, and social media.

Do I Need SEO For My Website?

Any website that has the goal of being successful needs an established SEO plan. SEO is what helps your customers find you on Google. Without SEO building, your customers won't be able to find you and will instead be directed to your competition.

How do I know If I Need SEO or if my current SEO plan is working?

Analytic Tracking is a big part of SEO. Finding the right report can give you the current status of your website and, over time, can track your growth progress of your SEO Plan. The main analytics you should be tracking to monitor your progress are your site rankings, keywords, social media, site traffic, backlinks, as well as each of your competitors in these categories.

How Do I decide which SEO Plan is right for me?

Choosing the right SEO plan depends largely on where you are currently with SEO, where you want to be, and how aggressively you want to push your growth. At Geaux IT, we make it easy by breaking our plans down based on your needs. Plus, customizable add-ons allow you to get the right level of service at the best price every time. Still unsure of the right plan for you? Our trained team is happy to work with you on designing the best plan possible based on your needs and growth goals. Contact us today for help in designing your perfect SEO plan.

Can I change my SEO plan later?

Absolutely! Business grows and changes everyday. The SEO strategy that works for you today may be different from your goals next month. Whether you want to expand to other areas, get more aggressive with your content strategy, focus more on your social media plans, or any other growth goals that change overtime, know that we can work with your growth goals in an ever-changing business world.

What is Included in my Web Design?

Geaux IT Systems designs sites for quality and modern standards. You site will be designed with your styles, colors, preferences, and brand in mind, while accounting for performance optimizations and user-friendly standards that make for a successful and beautiful design.

What kind of websites do you build?

Geaux IT builds websites of any kind for any industry. We do informational, blogging, and e-commerce options and have covered industry sites in medical, law, construction, online stores, hobby/niche blogging, educational, funeral homes, dating websites, wedding websites, sports news sites, and more.

Can I Build My Own Website?

The simple answer is yes, anyone can build their own website, and there are more and more tools everyday to make it simple for beginners. You can find many builders online or you can even look into the included builders on your Geaux IT hosting plans.

However, there is much more that goes into building a website than people realize. You need to be prepared for maintenance, updates, and fixing performance and speed issues, as well as what to do if a change breaks something on your site (very common for beginners). There is also the matter of building a site to SEO standards. Building to these specific guidelines are a big part of getting recognized on Google and doing it improperly can have a drastic impact on traffic potential.

If you are new to the online world of business or are unsure of how to meet the standards of of designing and SEO, it may be a better option to outsource and avoid delaying potential growth progress.

How Do I know If my Website has a quality build?

The best way to check for a quality website build is through analytic reporting. You can get reports on factors, such as site speed, usability, server speeds, overall performance, broken links, and much more. Aside from reports, you can also tell my looking at your site directly. Here are some common things to look for in reviewing your site:

  • old and outdated appearance
  • lacks user-friendly features
  • feels like it takes way too long to load in comparision to other sites
  • has buttons that don't work, go to wrong pages, or rediect to a broken/missing page (404)
  • Do I have any say in my website appearance?

    Of course! Your website is the online face of your business and we want you to love it! We want you to have as much creative say in your design as possible and we will advise with you on the best performing options to accomplish the end results you want. We work with you every step of the way from colors, layout styles, modern features, such as sliders ad galleries, and more.

    What is the Purpose of Analytic Reporting?

    Analytic Reports give you a clearer understanding of what is going on with your site. They can tell you where you are starting out among your competition prior to starting an SEO plan, show your growth progress over time, and even show you where changes may need to be made in your growth plan, social media methods, and marketing tactics to maximize your growth potential.

    Who can benefit from SEO Analytic Reports?

    Anyone can benefit from using our Analytic Reporting Subscription service. Are you a DIY kind of person you wants to SEO your own online reputation. Our reports simplify all your site's need-to-know stats into one easy to read report.

    Are you an SEO specialist or a digital marketing firm? Our reporting subscription allows you to track your clients' growth progress over time, as well as up to 50 of their competitors, giving your customers the best advantage possible to their SEO growth plan.

    What If I don't know who my top competitors are?

    Not a problem. With our plans you have the option to either provide each competitor you want your reports to focus on, we also offer an addon option where our trained team will analyze and compile your top ranking competitors for you.

    What Can I get From Analytic Reporting?

    Competition Analysis
    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer is more important today than any other time in the history of mankind. In order to beat your competition, you have to monitor your competition. Geaux IT Reports includes the ability to monitor up to 50 competitors.

    Keywords and Rankings
    When merging rankings and keywords together in the same report, seeing an increase in ranking of a competitor provides easy analysis when also seeing a change in their keywords. The internet has proven what will works for someone will work for others. Having this data accessible right in your mailbox monthly, weekly, or daily can easily help you take over your industry.

    Social Media
    Imrpoving your overall rankings above your competitors isn't always enough. Competition can still lead the industry if they have a solid social media stratgy in place. Get reports on your and your competitors' social media and see how you can best optimize your strategy above tthe competition.

    Can I customize my reports?

    Yes! You can create your reporting plans based on your needs. No business is the same and your marketing strategy will be different from others. Choose, from Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, or even Daily reporting options. Choose the competitors you want to focus in on, as well as how many competitors you want your report to cover, up to 50 competitors!

    what is domain hosting?

    Although often considered the same, web hosting and domain hosting are different services. Web hosts allow users to create and store content, like a website, on Internet servers. Meanwhile, a domain host provides a domain name that visitors can use to find you. A domain name is like a street address that directs people to your website's location, such as https://geauxitsystems.com.
    While these two services are very different in what they provide to a customer, they do work together to make up the base eneeds for a successful website.

    how do i transfer web pages to my server?

    The most convenient way to transfer your website's files to your new web hosting account is via FTP. You should connect to your hosting account and download the files locally to your computer. Then you have to upload them to your new hosting account's main folder.

    i purchased a hosting plan, now what do i do?

    Secure matching social media names/URLs
    Create an LLC or corporation for your business
    Trademark your business name.
    Get web hosting and set your domain up on it.
    Create email addresses on your hosting or Google Apps.
    Get business-dedicated phone/fax numbers.
    Get a PO Box.
    Design and develop your website.

    how do i purchase a domain?

    With Geaux IT Hosting, we make it simple to purchase your hosting plan. Search on our domain search tool for the domain you want, add any bundles or add-on services you would like to include on your service, and check out all directly from our site.

    what kind of plan do i need?

    Shared Hosting
    Your website’s hosting resources, such as RAM and CPU, are shared with other website’s also being hosted on the same server.
    It is a great option for smaller website’s just getting started and will not need to utilize much of the server’s resources. Perfect for small businesses or blogging websites.
    This hosting option typically costs less, but also runs the possibility of poorer performance as the sites start getting larger or more traffic.

    Virtual Private Server (VPS)
    VPS hosting is when one physical server is split off into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS is dedicated to one domain, but many of those VPS’s operate off of one shared physical server.
    This option give’s the website owner more control, but since the physical server is still shared this option can still have issues if the site has high traffic levels or usage spikes. With this option, other site’s on the physical server can also still cause performance issues to your own site.This option is good for those who want the cost benefit of shared hosting as well as the more advanced control of the dedicated hosting.

    Dedicated Hosting
    This option offers the most control of the hosting server that the domain is stored on. With this option, the server only stores your website and you get access to the full root and admin access. You also get full control including security and operating systems.
    Dedicated Hosting gives the site owner full control and a better performing server, which becomes very beneficial when your site starts facing higher traffic and usage levels. That being said, with how beneficial Dedicated Hosting is, it is typical the most expensive option in web hosting servers.