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Design your website like a home, never finished but always strong.

Design your website like a home, never finished but always strong. 


Your website isn’t just a few pages on the internet to make you look pretty. Your website is actually an extension to your business. I have seen businesses with the worst website lose business to mom and pop shops because their website looks like a million bucks and is optimized directly for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This isn’t because their website was perfect. This is because that small mom and pop shop are constantly working to keep growing their own online reputation. When you compare the numbers, a small town with 20,000 – 100,000 people to millions of people on the internet near you is a no-brainer to compete online. Plus when you are looking at the numbers, 1% of 1 million people is 10,000 people while 10,000 of a small down would hit 10%. Building your website make sense.  


But a lot of people think that you pay one time for a website and then you are perfect. But they leave out things just like when you buy a house. Owning a house means paint will need to be reapplied, carpet will get tore up, holes in walls, locks will loosen up, windows may break. Well, your website will need new content for google, your site will have software patches that need to be applied to the Linux server, the manager, the database software, the web server and the web based software used like plugins and other 3rd party add-ons.  


Design Your Website Around Your Business Theme

But just like when you do a make over on your home, your website has to support it too. You will have to pick out the colors, the layout, the plugins if needed based on your industry. Remember, a website is an extension to your business so having a site feature colors that do not represent your company is almost useless. A firm stand to believe in is your website design should look like your business and your business cards. They should be themed together. When you see magenta, you see T-Mobile. When you see green, you tend to see Starbucks. The same goes with your colors. If you have a bright color, use it on your site. This doesn’t mean you have to paint the whole house that color but maybe a white background with the color yellow for different separating areas would be a great way to go.  

 Fill Your Design With Content

The big part is the content. What is a home if it’s empty? The home doesn’t share your experiences and stories to the world. Your website is the same way too. You have to fill it with your company image, who you are, why you are in business, services and products you may offer and much more. Always add to it just like you always add to your home. Things will become outdated. You don’t see rooms to go advertising shag carpets every day. Don’t add the shag carpets of website to your site. We get many sites that are either outdated or just never brought up to speed with today’s technology.  


The same thing is many designers force their customers to use older and outdated web designs because they do not understand today’s technologies that allow you to sport a newer, faster and better site.  

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