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Why Clients Choose Our Technicians ?

Technicians come in all different shapes and sizes. Standard technicians jump into problems, google the issue, and apply a quick fix. But Geaux IT’s technicians take IT the extra mile and engineer the issue. The process is simple.

Technicians follow this process for any repairs or issues that you may run across.


  1. They find out what the issue is.
  2. Then, the technicians pinpoint the root cause and find out everything that it effects. It might actually be causing problems with more things then you have even noticed.
  3. Afterward, technicians apply a fix for the problem and make sure they fully understand what changes are being done to your system. Many techs like to apply fixes that Google tells them needs to be performed and it causes more issues because they do not fully understand what they did.
  4. Last, We monitor the systems following these repairs to ensure that we are proactive for anything that may pop up.

We understand that computers and systems have many different moving parts. One minor change could “fix” the first issue, but could, in turn, cause a long line of other issues to surface. It’s our responsibility to make sure all these moving parts keep moving in the right way and the right speed.

Next time you have an issue with your computer, just ask yourself this one question. Do you want someone to test a fix on your computer or a certified technician to engineer your computer?

It doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual, our technicians will do whatever the need is to provide you with the best quality service possible. Quit settling for second best and hire a company who will take your IT experience the extra mile,

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