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Why is SEO important for my company website?

Websites play a huge part in business but how do we actually make websites useful on the internet?

This question will always be on top of our list from any client who is interested in investing in a website. We constantly hear concerns on if a website is even useful. Some questions and concerns include:

“If I have a website, how would someone find it? Isn’t the internet huge?”
“I had a website before and I never received one phone call. I am not wasting my money”
“A website is cheap but it’s getting on google that is going to cost me a lot of money”
“My competition has such a nice website, I can not compete.”
“I added so many photos and text to my website. It ran so slow and it could not even appear up on google.”
“I do not need help building social media. It will not help my business grow.”

Why do I need a Website?

Websites are essential to any business. We live in a digital age where if it’s not on the internet, it likely won’t be seen. By not having one, you exclude a large majority of your client base from finding you. An online presence is always good to have to keep up with your customers. It allows customers to see important information like hours, services, pricing, etc. This kind of information online is very beneficial to you and your customers. Let’s say a customer is looking for a service you offer. They don’t have time to call around or jump from one store ad to another. They just want a quick answer, so where do they go? Google. Now, you may have better prices, better deals, and be 10 minutes closer than your competition, but if you are not online then that customer may never know that because your company was nowhere to be found on Google. Your website is the digital face of your business. It is always important to have one. However, having a company website is only half of it. SEO plays a major role in your site’s success.

So where does SEO play into this?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strong tool used to optimize your site so customers have a better understanding of your business. It boosts your potential web traffic by making you more visible on Google. Without SEO, the internet wouldn’t be nearly as usable as it is now. Imagine using the internet but with no google. Imagine if you have a question, that you would have to browse websites manually instead of querying them. This is what search engine optimization does for all of your Google searches. Just the same, this is also what it does to help Google find your company online.

Needless to say, your website is a lot more important than you can imagine. Your website is going to be the flagship of what makes your business.

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