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All businesses need growth and in a world of technology, your website is the best place to start. Businesses, both big and small need customer traffic growth to become or stay successful.
However, there are common frustrations that come with that. You may have a website that never seems to get found by your customers. You may have competitors you can't seem to overcome. Maybe your site is getting traffic but the traffic isn't coming from the right visitors. That's where Geaux IT comes in. 

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We cover all parts of search engine optimization that it takes to make you successful. From research and analysis, to keywords, to social media, we have you covered!

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Are your customers not finding you? Are you getting website traffic that isn't leading to calls or sales? Not sure how to move up against your competition? SEO is the answer. Search engine optimization is a standard that Google uses to rank websites that appear in each search. We specialize in optimizing your site with SEO standards increase your website traffic and help the right customers find you.

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How do you know if your SEO digital marketing strategy is working? At Geaux IT, we always tell you!

Every client gets weekly followup reports of what was completed to improve their online reputation, what research was done to lead to these changes, how we plan to keep moving forward, and website analytic reports on how much you've grown with us!

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