Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google; How Do They Help Your Business?

When it comes to SEO, there are many parts to consider to optimize your rankings. There are many factors to consider when optimizing your site rankings such as performance, keywords, usability, mobile responsiveness, etc. However, one of the most underrated parts of SEO is social media management. In this day and age, social media is common use in our everyday lives. We use it for entertainment, socializing with friends, and staying informed on news with weather, traffic, current events. With social media, we are constantly connected with other people and can update those we interact with in a split second. This quick, free access to such a wide target audience makes social media a strong tool to reach new potential customers.

Social Media and Business: Working Together

No matter your industry, your business can benefit from social media. Using mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to expand on your customer traffic potential, it helps grow your brand name recognition, and you can link back yo your website to boost traffic back to your main page. You can also create and share posts to help bring attention back to your social pages. This works as free advertising for your business. Many platforms even offer expanded paid advertising that allow you to market directly to your specific target audience.

Another benefit is it brings a more low pressure way of relating with your potential customers. Customers react better to businesses who promote fun, attention-grabbing interactions rather than strictly informational sales pitches. This is why in many marketing tactics today, you see businesses using video blogs, memes, or social media giveaways. There are so many options to reach your customers in social media marketing, so why don’t more business use this beneficial tool?

“I don’t have time for Facebook. I have a business to run!”

The most common reason we hear for a lack of social media is no time. This is a fair assumption. For many, business is business. How can something meant for personal entertainment be beneficial or worth the time in a business setting when there are so many other things to worry about in running a business? Is it really worth the extra effort? Absolutely!

With any other form of marketing, you budget for it, you plan for it, and you make time for it. Why? Because it will make your business grow and bring in more revenue. The same goes for social media marketing. You have to plan and make time for it. And it is common practice for many customers now to search social media for a company they want to do business with. Customers can ask for recommendations from their friends or look at reviews on the business pages. This can ultimately be a major deciding factor in which business a customer chooses. Without social media marketing, you eliminate an entire area of the market that could become potential customers. Even if your services are better, faster, closer, and more reliable, without a social reputation, your customers may never know that.

“I already push my Google presence, Why Does Social Media Matter?”

Focusing on your Google presence is a great way to expand on your online market. Google is the top known search engine and is typically the first place we go when looking for any service or good. Using SEO (or search engine optimization) to increase your Google presence can greatly increase traffic to your website. In fact, it is the best way to increase traffic organically on Google.

For SEO, there are standards you must follow that factor in to calculate your overall rank on the internet. These factors include areas like keywords, meta content, performance, security, and, you guessed it: social media. Basically, Google’s ranking system is in place to recommend the best and most accurate options possible to its searchers. The same way you may recommend a company in person to your friend, Google does the same in virtual form. Would you recommend a company to your friend that you had no knowledge of or experience with? Of course not!

Well, in the same way Google ranks your site and takes into consideration how well known your social pages are. How many likes, shares, and comments your page has and how many people are following your tweets become very important in this ranking system. More interactions implies that the business is legitimate and well known. This means that a company that has more followers is seen as more legitimate than a company that has no Facebook page at all and Google ranks these sites accordingly.

Where Do I Start?

Getting a social media presence for a business can be a time-consuming process and takes dedicated consistency. You will want to create social media accounts for your business on any social medium possible. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. After creating all of your accounts, you will want to link each one to your website. Once the accounts are created and linked, you will want to interact on them often: at least three times a week. Find fun ways to market your business name on social media every week. Accknowledge holidays or special events, it doesn’t always have to be business related. Post special offers or the overwhlemingly popular “Like, Comment, and Share for a Giveaway” posts. Answer questions and intereact with customer comments. Overall, this adds up for a great social media reputation of your business.

For many, this can be difficult to stay on top of. As stated earlier, one of the hardest parts of keeping up with social media is the lack of time to dedicate to Facebook. This is why there is a growing popularity in full-time positions for a “Social Media Manager” among businesses. For many businesses though it makes much more sense to outsource their account management rather than hire a full time employee to manage these accounts. Outsourced social media management with companies like Geaux IT Systems allows you to have dedicated consistent social media content posted and managed without the additional costs of adding a full-time employee + benefits.

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