Does Your Business Need a Website?

Do you see this advertised everywhere? Get a free website today! Grow your website with our free tools. But when it comes to your business, you must decide. Do I or do I not need a website. So, let’s jump into this discussion and see if you really need to invest money into something that could potential become a huge make or break investment.

What would a website bring to the table?

A website does a lot more than just put you on the internet. It brings you up in front of the audience of choice. Have you ever been sitting at the office, needed a type of support and called a specialist of some support? You found them using a search engine like Google or Bing. You see all the reviews they have and decide to call them. The search engine can provide you with their phone number, shop address, images, information and a link to their webpage.

Now you must ask yourself, do you want to be found on google like this? Over the years of business, we have met up with clients who say they just don’t need people to find them on google. Clients who say they just do not need clients to find them on the internet. This can make sense though, because they may not want people to be able to leave reviews, contact them or help them grow beyond word of mouth advertising.

Not everyone needs a website but what else can a website offer?

I have a website and my business is just too small to be even found on Google.

So, you already took the time to put together this beautiful web page, you picked the colors, designed a logo, added photos and you are online but there is one issue. No one can find you. Many businesses fall for these websites that offer tools for you to build and design a website easily but lack something, SEO. Without a proper SEO plan, how will companies locate your website? You must base your site on keywords, performance, blog articles, meta data, backlinks and much more.

If you build your website with these easy tools like WIX or just plain old WordPress, you must apply the SEO also. This is for any website in the world. This is the part of your website that you do not want to short yourself on. It is like building a house but buying cheap wood to hold it together. No one wants to stay in a house that can fall at any second. No one will go to your website that doesn’t have a purpose. Of course, you put it together based on how you expect people to find you but in the end, if you do not research a strategy on your SEO, you will be like the rest of the competition whose websites end up in the trash bin as soon as the website hosting plan expires.

Social Media is a waste of time. I’m here for business, not to play.

Many small and even larger businesses fail to execute a social media strategy for their company. Social media is a huge and free marketing tool if you use it correctly. Let’s say that you have a new product rolling out in 2 weeks, how do you get people prepared to spike interest? Post an ad about the news. Posting ads can get expensive but when you have even as low as 500 followers on your business page, you can expect your products if you popular enough, to be advertised for free by your followers.

You also get amazing free feedback when using the Social Media tools. You can see in real time what people expect out of your products, what they think is a terrible advertisement and what you can do to improve your products over all.

Imagine if you are about to release a new computer and you are aiming to hit the touch screen audience. You can post an ad about this product and hint at the ability for touch screen to see what people really think about it. If you see horrible feedback, you can retract the project and work on something else. Feedback is huge when growing your company.

I don’t need a domain name and Gmail works fine for my email.

Ever get a business card from a contractor with a public domain like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or even Hotmail? Sure, you can receive and send emails just like a business style email server can but the image of your company looks small when you don’t even have a standard mailbox that cost as little as 10 dollars a month.

Plus, security is huge! When Yahoo gets hacked and you hand out a business card with listed on it, you can expect some negative opinions and vibes coming from your clients or potential clients. In a business, image is everything. Your image is by your practices on how you execute business, how you present your business and how you interact with clients. Make sure your clients get that positive vibe and not that negative vibe when you hand them that first card. Plus is 10 dollars a month too much for your business to take things from Gmail to

All this is fine but our work comes through the office.

If you are running a business, you must have an office space to work. This could be in your home or in an office building. Having a website allows you to take your office from local to the cloud. Allowing also for client’s miles and miles away to connect and work with you. Not all businesses can be 100% cloud based but many of them can be. Do you want to get up every day and go to an office? Or do you want the ability to travel and pull your office out of your laptop case whenever you need too. Freedom is more than having money.


A website can benefit any business if you want people to find you, grow your reputation, expand to new horizons and grow your audience. Having a website also can present your company in the image of your choice. If you want to stay small and isolate yourself, then stay away from websites as much as possible but if you are ready to expand and conquer the world, start growing today.

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