How To Add a Plugin To Your Website

A plugin can be a useful tool for your website. They can add great features and appearance styles to your site and give your customers the user-experience you want them to have. While you don’t want to overuse them as they can slow down your site and cause compatibility issues when overused, in the right balance, they can be exactly what you need to complete your website design. This article goes over the steps for adding a plugin in WordPress.

1. First, you need to log in to your WordPress account.

2. After you have logged in, go to the toolbar on the left hand side of the screen. Find “Plugins.” Hover over “Plugins,” then from the menu that appears, click “add new.”

3. Look through recommended plugins, or if you are looking for a specific one, search for it in the toolbar.

4. Once you find a plugin, click “install,” then this same button will now say “activate” which you will click again. 

5. This leads you back to your plugin list. From here, you choose your plugin and follow any guides or tutorials on that particular plugin.

Plugins can add a lot of great functions and features to your site. They can be very useful when used correctly. USe these steps above to assist with installing your plugins when building your website.

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