Customer Service in a Fast-Paced World

Geaux IT started back in just April 2016, has already started to change the way online reputation buildings should function. Throughout the years, complaints about customers hiring SEO companies have ended up in nightmares. The most common complaint is not knowing anything about the work these companies are performing. Many companies who aren’t properly trained tend to fall onto google for training on the spot jobs. Due to this, customer requests are delayed for days if not weeks so the companies can learn on the fly how to perform the requested work. Geaux IT doesn’t believe in that type of work and is exactly why they spend so much time and money to grow through research and development. The other issue is communication. Clients will have to jump through hoops just to talk to someone at these SEO companies, another problem Geaux IT has eliminated with the help of their “within 30 minutes during business hour” response time and quick ability to stay on top of the calls to their main office.  Plus, with their weekly, monthly and quarterly reports of information that you can actually understand, Geaux IT has been redefining the customer service for all SEO companies in which none are able to keep up or sustain. 

Innovative Reporting Services

But aside from that, Geaux IT Systems is taking things even a step further. While researching and attempting to find ways to monitor competitors, no third-party reporting systems were able to provide the insights needed, regardless of price, to really sustain the upper hand on competitors for clients. The only way to eliminate this was for Geaux IT to build their own software infrastructure for managing and monitoring client and competitors via their own proprietary software. 

With the use of this software, numbers have already increased for all of Geaux IT’s virtual assets and their own clients. While analytics are useless without understanding how to use them, we have designed a system from the ground up, pulling in every metric we believe is necessary to build up an online reputation. While continuing to expand the software with new features, better language, mobile capabilities and much more, the software will always be upgraded. 

Reinventing Marketing Strategies For The Future

Geaux IT does not plan to slow down either, they are working on implementing their own classified posting tools, social media tools and even provide data insights on sports through NFL, NHL, and MLB to just name a few. Data is a very important part of computers since computers are just calculators programmed by humans with commands. 

Geaux IT has released the following statement. 

“Data automation is the way of the future. Providing solutions that not only automate today’s needs but also tomorrow. We are building up infrastructures for not just us and our clients but for all types of customers. At the end of the day, the more people we help and grow, the more everyone wins. We aren’t here to compete with a service, we are here to help advance technology as a whole.” – CEO, JC Roberts

Rather your data comes from simple tables, online sources or custom streams, Geaux IT is working on a solution for you. Many more changes are in place and the path of growth is daily process. The world is constantly growing and it’s time for everyone to be part of it who thought they couldn’t. 

Geaux IT Systems has already started the process of Beta Testing its new software and plans to release subscriptions via their software officially on April 15th. For more information, you can follow the link here for pricing and other small details. Expect additional changes as they get close to the official release date. 

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