Is SEO really still important to online marketing?

Is SEO really still important in the world of online marketing? Many people ask this with the use of paid advertising services like Google Ad Words and Facebook Paid Ads being the new norms. With services like these, do you really need to worry about SEO? The answer is absolutely! In fact, these services give even more reason why you need SEO.

How can SEO help my advertising?

First, SEO allows for higher profit potential. It allows you to grow organically without spending extra on advertising fees. This means one less expense to worry about in calculating your total income versus expenses to achieve your profit. Your customers will be able to find you organically and the extra advertisements will be optional but not as necessary to hit your profit goals.

Most companies are already well-established. I’ll never pass them organically anyways.

Yes, many well-known companies are already established with a name and reputation on the internet. But the online market is changing daily. SEO marketing tactics that were successful today may not be successful tomorrow. 

Not to mention industry markets are changing constantly as well. We’ve seen it over and over again in resent years that big name companies have started plummeting because they didn’t keep up with where the industry was heading.

Furthermore, every company has always had to start somewhere. Even names like Walmart, Target, Facebook, and Apple were once unknown to the world. They all had to start from the bottom and they each had to Facebook the big name competitors of their time. It can be done!

I would still rather spend the money to Google AdWords.

That’s great! Google Ad Words is an amazing tool and it can do wonders for any online business trying to achieve growth. If you have the budget to do so and want to continue using Ad Words, then absolutely do it! 

Something you will want to consider though is the Ad Words process for choosing who’s ad listing to display in what order. While, yes you are paying to be promoted, there is a range of how highly you will get promoted. For example, in Google search results, there are usually about 3-4 paid ads in the top of the search results. All listers paid to be promoted for that search result, but what decided who got that number 1 spot? 

Well, there is a range of factors that make this decision, such as the listed bid price, keywords, and, you guessed it, SEO. And this makes a lot of sense for Google to do it this way if you think about it. The purpose of SEO is to ensure that users get the best search results possible when trying to find something online. It helps ensure the site is safe and trustworthy, runs properly and has valid content for what the user was looking for in their search. Linking this with the paid options helps ensure that even the best paid options are shown first for the benefit of the searcher.

Conclusion: Is SEO still important? Yes.

While many think SEO is something that can be easily overlooked, this oversight can be very costly to your growth, time, efforts, and even the success of your paid advertising endeavors. SEO is still an important part of having a website or online business. Google Ad Words and other paid ad services are great tools to combine with SEO, but should not be used in place of SEO.

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