Effects of Ignoring Social Media in the Business World

In business, social media plays a very important role because it helps with your overall SEO rankings. It also helps with growing a reputation and relationship with existing and future customers. On the other hand, ignoring the opportunity to use social media as a marketing tool means losing the ability to interact with a large percentage of potential customers. It also hurts your overall chances of searchers finding you on Google.

So, what exactly happens when a company chooses to ignore social media in the business world? It can have several negative effects on your online reputation and local reputation, which results in a loss or lack of growth in customer traffic.

Why Many Businesses Don’t Use Social Media

First off, why would a business ignore social media marketing in the first place? It is a powerful tool to reach customers on a modern level.

The top reason most businesses ignore this opportunity is because social media is seen as a personal activity. These are not seen as necessary for business growth models. In previous generations this may have been true, but more and more, the children growing up with daily use of social media platforms are becoming the adult consumers of society. Many younger business owners do very well now, because they are part of this generation and know to appeal to younger consumers on these platforms.

Older generations tend to avoid the option because it is not something they grew up with. This eliminates a large portion of their clientele reach without even realizing it. Successful businesses have to be able to adapt to modern marketing trends so that they are always including younger customers in their reach. When deciding to ignore social media in a marketing plan, it can drastically hurt a business’s customer traffic and internet ranking.

Another common reason is time. Many business owners say they simply do not have time to deal with Facebook. This is perfectly understandable. Social account management for a business does take a lot of time and dedication. There are even many full-time positions now specifically for social media management because of how much time it can take. Of course, running a business also takes a lot of time and effort as well, but whether you outsource, hire a full time employee, or manage your time to handle it internally, it is absolutely important and should be done.

Social Media Is Important To Your Online Reputation

Social media is one of the factors that Google looks for when ranking your site for SEO standards. It assists Google in giving you an online reputation ranking. Google’s rankings decide the order websites list online. In the real world, if a friend is looking for recommendations, we would recommend something we are familiar with and overall typically provides us and others a positive experience.

When you search on a search engine, it is the same thing. When you search on Google, for example, it is providing you recommendations. However, since Google can’t directly make its own opinion to offer to you, it instead makes recommendations based on an SEO algorithm. This includes social media indicators like Facebook likes and Twitter followers. What business in this industry has the most likes, shares, and comments? Do they have positive reviews? Do they interact often with their customers online? These are just a few of the many things Google looks for when calculating a company’s online SEO ranking to recommend certain companies over others in a Google search.

By avoiding a social media presence, you completely remove a large portion of what Google uses to rank you over your competition. This hurts your online reputation already, but this can go further to also affect your local reputation as well.

Learn more about why social media is important here.

Customers on Social Media

From a customer standpoint, many buyers look online now. So much so, Facebook even added Facebook Marketplace to make it easier for buyers and sellers to connect locally. There are location-based business sales and advertising groups that you can join. It has even become common practice to post in our news feeds asking for friend recommendations of local goods and services.

Removing your business from social media limits your potential to reach out to these local customers. This is especially true for newer businesses who don’t already have a customer base. With most markets going digital, many local advertising companies will struggle without the use of social media. The effects of local reputation loss, along with online reputation loss, will have the overall effect of a loss of customer traffic.

Online Reputation Through Social Media and Customer Traffic

Lack of a social media presence and an online reputation for a business can be costly to customer traffic. This is a major factor to consider since customer traffic is a huge part of business growth and expansion. In cases for both established businesses that lose traffic and new businesses that never gain traffic, it can be detrimental to the potential success of the company. However, this is what you can expect if you aren’t being found organically or marketing online. These businesses could have better prices, services, experiences, and be closer than all other competitors, but your customers will never know that if they never hear about you and can’t find you.


Social media is very important to the business world. We live in a world where social media is a prominent part of most of our customer’s lives. As a company, you have to make sure you are putting your business where customers will find you. As depended on as it is, social media is the perfect place for that. It allows companies to engage and interact with their customers like never before. From local shoppers to online searchers, you can reach them all in social media. Social media can make or break a business. If a company takes advantage of the great opportunity social media presents, it can be a tremendous help to your success. If it is ignored, it gives your competition every opportunity to leave your business in the dust.

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