How Colors Play a Role in Your Marketing?

Marketing is about psychology. One of the main things you should consider in the psychology of marketing is how the colors affect your customers. While it may seem trivial, colors add to a big part of any market strategy and online marketing is no different. Each color has a different impact on your customers. Some colors can give impressions of happiness or relaxation. Others can be affiliated more with boldness or excitement. Some colors are more subtle, while others are rich and attention-grabbing. So, how do you choose the perfect blend of colors to portray the emotions or reactions you want your customers to have?



Looking to create urgency in our marketing ad for a limited time discount or clearance deal? Use red as a bold, exciting color that creates the appeal of urgency to your customers

Orange & Yellow

Orange and yellow both give feelings of cheerful and optimism. They are also colors of caution that make good options when trying to draw in impulsive buyers or trying to create intensity for a limited stock item or limited sale time.


Green associates with nature, health, and power. It works well for promoting environmental issues, relaxing customers, and encouraging decisiveness among customers. This is a great color choice for businesses who promote Eco-friendly products or services.


A preferred color among men, this color would be a good option in promoting products or services for men. It’s also commonly affiliated with peace and reliability, making it a good choice for new businesses looking to promote trustworthiness in their brands.


Using purple associates with wisdom, respect, and loyalty. It thrives in industries for beauty and anti-aging solutions.


Pink affiliates primarily as a feminine color. Brighter shades of pink associate with youth, confidence, and creativity. Pink is a good color for marketing cosmetics and designing brands.


Black is commonly used for power, strength, or intelligence. However, this is a color that should be used sparingly for optimal results so it does not become too overwhelming for viewers.


Use gray as a sign of practicality and solidarity. Typically, it is associated with old age. However, too much gray causes feelings of depression and, therefore, should not be overdone.


White is often a symbol of purity and safety. Often used to project neutrality, or a clean slate.

How to use them

When considering what colors to use in online marketing, you shouldn’t stop at what the colors symbolize, but also consider what will be most appealing to your customers. Multiple colors should work together in an appealing manner and not cause any kind of strain on readers trying to read your information.

For example, if you have an Eco-friendly product selling online, you may want to use green in your color scheme to associate your site with being “green” or environmentally friendly.

However, you wouldn’t want to make all the words, backgrounds, and borders different shades of green. That would be very difficult for customers to read. Instead, combine green word content, with black headers to draw importance or power to your main points, with a white background to give contrast to your words.

You will want to find the right balance where any colors you choose to use are balanced and work together without overwhelming your viewer.

Blending Colors

The Isolation Effect is a psychological principle beneficial to the concept of marketing psychology. It states that an item that stands out is more likely to be remembered. Research done on the different appeals of colors also found that while a large majority of consumers prefer color patterns with similar hues, they favor palettes with a highly contrasting accent color.

With this concept in mind, customers will prefer similar (or Analogous) colors at the base/background of a web page, while it is preferred to have drastically different (or Triadic) colors for accents Call-To-Action buttons or emphasized headers.

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The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding, March 1, 2018.

Color Preferences

When considering your color scheme, you should know your customers. If your customer base is younger adults or children, you may choose brighter, vibrant color schemes. In contrast, older customer bases tend to prefer more neutral color schemes.

Color preference may even be dependent on gender. Colors impact men and women differently and have different color preferences. If your product or service is gender-specific you may want to advertise with colors preferred by the gender you are targeting.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding, March 1, 2018.


Colors play an important role in online marketing strategy and brand association. You should choose colors that associate well with your industry well and symbolize the feelings you want your customers to have about your brand. Consider factors of age, region, or gender that your marketing is targeting. Always make sure your colors blend well and does not cause frustration or eye strain. Together, these tips will help you optimize on your color scheme technique and maximize the visual appeal of your website.

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