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In-depth analytic reporting plans providing you the best visual possible on seo, reach rankings, traffic, social, keywords, and competition. Plans offer real-time data customized to monthly, weekly, or daily intervals.

Starting At $50/Mo

Monthly Reporting

Get monthly reports on rankings, traffic, social, and competition.

Starting At $100/Mo

Weekly Reporting

Get weekly reports on rankings, traffic, social, and competition.

Starting At $200/Mo

Daily Reporting

Get daily reports on rankings, traffic, social, and competition.

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Refunds available on some services within 14 days of initial purchase.
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Analytic Reporting Subscriptions: Why Are Our Reports Important?

Geaux IT understands how important data analytics really is. While realizing no third-party analytics software was strong enough to take SEO to the next level, we realized quickly that designing our own reporting software would be the only way we could provide real SEO results.
There are many SEO reports out there you can subscribe to, and trust us, we have tried them all. We could not find one repot that was complete to include all the information truly needed to complete a real SEO strategy. Rather small or large, new or old business, data is everything.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer is more important today than any other time in the history of mankind. In order to beat your competition, you have to monitor your competition. Geaux IT Reports includes the ability to monitor up to 50 competitors.

When merging rankings and keywords together in the same report, seeing an increase in ranking of a competitor provides easy analysis when also seeing a change in their keywords. The internet has proven what will works for someone will work for others. Having this data accessible right in your mailbox monthly, weekly, or daily can easily help you take over your industry.

Whether you are an agency or a do-it-yourself kind of person, Geaux IT Reports work for all needs. It gives individuals the data they need to take control of their own growth and marketing needs. Meanwhile, it is equally useful to SEO companies looking for quality data reports to improve client SEO on a well-rounded scale.