Who We Are

Geaux IT Systems is a digital marketing agency. We focus on SEO growth for organic digital marketing.

Geaux IT Systems was established in April of 2016 in Baton Rouge, LA. Since then, we have grown to national and global levels. We have successfully helped and continue to help grow the reputations of customers from all over the United States and Canada through search engine optimization, analytic reporting, and innovative software developments to give customers the best digital marketing strategy possible.

What Makes us different at

Geaux IT

Geaux IT Systems is an innovative SEO company that uses advancing software developments to constantly grow and improve our clients' reputations.

April 2016

Geaux IT Systems: From Our Beginnings

Geaux IT started off as a small business support firm, specializing in digital business growth and management for many businesses throughout Southern Louisiana, including Baton Rouge areas.

December 2017

Growing Strong

As 2017 came to a close, Geaux IT evolved into a national SEO firm. We began expanding our support area for our search engine optimization, digital marketing, and online business advertising services. By the end of the year, our customer base had well exceeded Louisiana as we began successfully raising reputations of clients throughout several states in the U.S.

March 2019

Innovation Begins

Geaux IT Systems noticed a problem with standard reporting services in the SEO industry. While there are many programs out there, none of them quite met the Geaux IT Expectation Standard. Thus, with innovations of software development and SEO. Our team of developers and search engine specialists worked together to bring you Geaux Reporting, a software that delivers detailed, easy to understand reports monthly, weekly, or even daily reports on your website's ranking, giving clients consistent reliable data on their growth progress and success.

May 2019

Why Stop There?

As convenient as reliable, growth-tracking data is, we wanted more for our clients. Our development team had continued to reinvent the wheel for website analytic reporting. By May of 2019, we announced a new addition to our software. Not only could customers receive Rank Progress Reports, but now they could also receive breakdowns on their top keywords to compete for as well as the top competing websites for each keyword, giving our customers a digital marketing edge like never before.

Coming Soon

We Can Go Farther!

Our developers are at it again! We are currently in the works of more advancements that can take your business even further in the digital marketing world. Get ready for the next big step in website reporting and organic traffic growth as we continue to set the new standard for SEO innovation!

Meet the CEO
JC Roberts

We deliver high impact Public Relations, search and social campaigns for technology, telecoms and high growth companies. Our solutions work and bring amazing results.